Sunday, September 17, 2017

Almost Finished with Mr. Kitty from Melissa Shirley

Got the edging on the tail stitched in

Mr. Kitty's face
I am having a hard time with Mr. Kitty's eyeballs.  I like the one on the left but can't seem to recreate the same one on the right.  Will keep trying.  I got his mouth in and need to redo the left ear.   Maybe today will be the day for a finish.   Happy Sunday stitching to you!

Friday, September 8, 2017

Melissa Shirley Halloween Kitty

Jumping around again.  I used one strand of floss and a sharp Chenille needle to create Mr. Kitty's whiskers.  I also changed Kitty's face stitch and on the third try I am happy.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Built a Townhouse on Labor Day

Remember this?  I was in the mood to work on it over the long weekend.  I had to dig her out of storage.  I took this canvas to Amy's last year.  Since I am about to go to Amy's again soon,  I thought I had better get busy!  The canvas is by Susan Roberts and is called Townhouse Row.  I love it. 

Here I had some trouble with the band.  The bottom band wasn't two canvas threads tall like the top.  After stitching it like painted I didn't like it.  I tore out the wall stitch enough to add the double band.  Tedious but I am happy with the balanced look.  The wall stitch is Cobblestone stitch done vertically. The street stitch is an extended version of the Willow stitch.  I am wondering if I made it too big.