Thursday, February 28, 2013

Beautiful Bunnies and other cute stitching

This Melissa Shirley two-sided bunny was just finished by Lisa.  It is magnificent.  The attention to every little detail is incredible. 

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Little tiny chick at the edge

Collar detail

Precious lace

Back of the hat and adorable beaded collar
Stitched by Lisa and finished by Kim Hollifield.    Speaking of Kim...

Boy Scout Nutcracker
 She has stitched two of these.

MCM Bunny that is no longer available

Could all this Easter stuff be any cuter ?  NO!

More from Lisa

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Sky Stitches

I saw a canvas on FB yesterday that made all kinds of sky stitches pop in my mind.

T-Stitch with fine metallic thread

Double crosses

Swaying Bargello

Hungarian Variation
Amy's creation

Darning stitch with overdyed thread

Random darning stitch with overdyed thread

Mosaic variation with silk and Kreinik
Swirl stitch with one strand of silk

Skip tent in fine metallic thread

Diagonal mosaic with silk and Accentuate

Diamond stitch with Kreinik #8

Diagonal mosaic with overdyed Impression and Kreinik

Two strands of silk

Basketweave with some stars over stitched in fine metallic thread

Basketweave with design element

Two strands of silk

Laid stitch

Basketweave with occasional mosaic stitch
I sa

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Hopping around again

Lower left hand corner of Summer Homes on the Pond
 I decided to try Fancy Crosses here.  Looks like bushes...still thinking about it.  I got tired of thinking too hard and started something new.  I picked up this little heart from Melissa Shirley in Memphis.
Dark stripes
I didn't like the Painter's Thread that Amy's guide called for.  I substituted some ribbon floss that I had in my stash.  Does it look like a broken heart?

Small pink and white stripes
 I used Amy's guide suggestions for the pink stripe.  Very cute.  I tried a laid stitch for the white areas.  I'm not sure I like it.
Fatty better move or start stitching

Fuzzy picture of another way to do the small pink and white stripes
 I kept the pink, but used Neon Rays plus in a Satin Stitch.  I like this much better.
Trouble in the hood
 The winds were so bad here that my neighbor's fence fell in my driveway.


Monday, February 25, 2013

Summer Homes on the Pond

Friday night saw a whole lot of sky stitching.  I tried out a little stitch on the hill below.

In perspective

 Saturday saw very little stitching since I spent all day taking down my Christmas tree.  Yes!  I am one of those weirdos who won't take their Christmas stuff down.  I love it all so much.

Good-bye Victorian Carolers from Heartstrings

Good-bye ornaments from everyone

Good-bye Heartstrings Santas

See you all next year.  After all that was put away and dinner was cooked and served, I sat down again with my canvas. 

Field in front of house
 My stitch by the house.  Amy's stitch by the gold hill.   I think I need to try Amy's again tomorrow.

Dark green area at the corners
Amy suggested Staggered Leviathan here.  I don't think I like the size of the stitch.  Will sleep on it.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Roof and Heart

Small house in the distance
 I did the roof in encroaching gobelin.  I'm still not sure about the tree.

Altered colors so you can see it better
 I started unpacking my other goodies from Amy's.  I got this adorable Melissa Shirley heart with some "hen scratching" and these threads and beads.  Won't it be cute for my Valentine tree?  The one I will have some day?!
Melissa Shirley heart

Friday, February 22, 2013

Summer Homes by the Pond

Garage roof
I wish you could see this better.  Another stitch suggestion from my Rent Amy Day.  Too perfect!

Main House roof
 The above view shows the colors a little truer.

Main House Roof
 I altered the color so you could see the elements of the stitch.

Finished and shown with altered coloration

True colors