Friday, June 30, 2017

There Was No Stitching Yesterday...

Yale Heart from Painted Pony

So here are some oldies for review.  I stitched this for my neighbor who has a kid at Yale.  I took it to a Rent Amy Day and I love how it turned out.  The background behind the lettering is Serendipity using Neon Rays for one direction and a wool thread for the opposite direction stitch.  The effect is lovely.  Go Bulldogs!

Doctor from Rogue Needlepoint
I bought this Doctor canvas at Amy's Golden Strand in Memphis.  I selected most of the stitches.  The  cleverest idea came from Carolyn Baird at Chaparral.  She came up with the idea of the green subway tiles that are often seen on walls of hospitals as the background stitch.   They were everywhere in the hospital where we trained.   I love it. 

The finished project


There are lots of Aggies in our SWAN group.   Isn't this a cute ornament?  I can't remember who stitched it but it wasn't me.  

Aggie Snowman from Carol Dupree

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Back to The White Farm

I went to The Needle Works yesterday for the Wednesday SWAN get together.  Super fun as usual.  I finished the foundation for the barn.  

Barn Foundation
Green for background

While I was there,  I found this green for the background of the trees to the left of the barn.  Amy's recommendation is to stitch it all over using one strand in the skipped tent stitch.  

Roof thread

I also found this perfect color for the roof but I do want to incorporate the black in there somehow.  I will be thinking on that.   I am going to do my chores as quickly as possible so I can get stitching!

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Whimsey and Grace Eggs

I am back from beaching it.  I took my eggs to basketweave when I was not riding the waves.  I am basketweaving with two strands of Bella Lusso.  It is my favorite wool.  To me it's like Medici but a little finer.  


Friday, June 16, 2017

White Farm So Far

At the request of a viewer,  I have put all the progress on the White Farm in one post.  I am really enjoying this piece.  More to come soon!

Barn foundation in Smyrna crosses and Tent stitches

House wall in Alternating Smyrna crosses using three strands of overdyed floss

Staggered Leviathan for the stonewall in the foreground

Front yard stitch

Dirt in horizontal elongated continental using two strands of overdyed floss

Tent stitching edges with two strands of cotton floss

Fly stitches for the evergreen trees

Overview of stitched bushes

Starting the sky stitch

Sky stitch finished

Front yard stitch

Front yard stitch completed

Sky finished

Foreground stitch

Yellow leaves in Lazy Daisy stitch with two strands of floss

Packed outline stitch for the tree using one strand Soy Luster

Plaited Gobelin stitch for grass in middle yard

Tree in Packed Outline with leaves in Lazy Daisy using two strands of Juniper by WDW

Overview of left side of canvas
Pond stitched in Horizontal Victorian Step using two strands of overdyed silk

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Why Didn't I Buy These?

 Two beautiful canvases that I didn't buy when visiting Chaparral in Houston, Texas.  What was I thinking?

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Giving It Away

I bought Glinda the Good Witch quite some time ago.  This is from the Wild Women series by Melissa Shirley.  I got a good start on her but realized I would never finish her.  I gave her to one of my fellow SWANs who is going to finish it for her darling granddaughter.   

Monday, June 12, 2017

Whimsey and Grace Eggs

I bought this trio of eggs with the birthday gift certificate that I received from the SWANs.   I was planning on packing it up to take to the beach but as always I went ahead and started.  In my defense I needed something to basketweave while watching the French Open.  I need to add a pic of the gussets that come with it.  These will be three dimensional eggs when finished.  So cute!

Friday, June 9, 2017

The Green Tree is Leafy

I finally got around to picking out a color to stitch the leaves.  It's a Weeks Dye Works color called Juniper.  I used two strands with the Lazy Daisy stitch.   Now I need to go back and fill in around the leaves.  


Thursday, June 8, 2017

Laying the Barn Foundation at The White Farm

I started the barn foundation.  I am stitching using three strands of overdyed floss in two colors, Aged Pewter and Barn Gray, in a smattering of smyrna crosses and tent stitches.  

Close up


Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Almost Finished the Grass at The White Farm

I pooped out before I completely finished this section.  I do have enough thread and hope to get it finished after work today.  I hope I can also "lay" the foundation of the barn tonight as well.  Keep your fingers crossed.  At this rate, I might finish this in 2017!

Plaited Gobelin in middle section