Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Painted Pony Owl Angel

I am stitching away on this cute angel trying to get her done by the cut off date for Christmas finishing.  Wish me luck!

Cute owlet with some pretty green leaves

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Whatever Happened to the Heartstrings Nativity?

I am still working on it.  The ones that are finished haven't been "finished" because my finisher likes to make the twisted cord for the whole set at one time. I'm getting there...

Momma Ewe and Lamb not even started
Joseph is done
Green Wiseman is done
Camel is close

Mary is done
Baby Jesus is done

Getting there on the donkey
Shepherd is done
Red Wiseman is done

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Shelly Tribbey Cardinal Santa

 Woohoo!  I finally have something I can share with you.  I hope my MIL doesn't follow my blog since this is for her Christmas 2018.   I was inspired to stitch one of these after receiving one last Christmas.  My dear SWAN friend, SU, stitched this for me for our ornament exchange.  I LOVE IT!

Shelly Tribbey Blue Santa

So I bought this one...

Shelly Tribbey Cardinal Santa
Stitch ideas are from me and Carolyn Baird.  Carolyn is at Chaparral in Houston.  We drive over there as much as possible to take her studio time.  I also buy ribbon from her ribbon store in Chaparral.  What a selection!

Nobuko on the coat

One strand herringbone for the shoe sole

Van Dyke for Santa's staff