Monday, April 25, 2016

Kelly Clark's Welcome Home Sampler

I am stitching just a little here and there.  I finished the body of the house last night.  I stitched the walls using three strands of DMC in an elongated cashmere in a brick pattern.  I used a darker shade of the floss under the eaves.   I tent stitched the window frames with three strands of Mandarin floss.  I stitched the black of the window panes with one strand of Burmilana.    I started the little trees.  I am stitching them using skipped tent filled in with french knots.  You stitch skipped tent first.  Where you skipped, you fill in with a french knot.  I am using three strands of DMC overdyed floss.   I hope there will be a little stitching time today!
Bedtime last night

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