Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Look what they got for Christmas

Painted Pony Texas Tech ornament

Painted Pony LSU ornament 
These are a couple of ornaments that I have stitched for my neighbors.  It just so happens that the couples on either side of me happened to have attended the same college.  Meaning the husband and wife on one side are Red Raiders and the couple on the other side are LSU Tigers.   The Tech ornament was given to me by a fellow Swan.  I bought the LSU one at The Needle Works.  I also did a SMU one for my mom who attended school there four million years ago.


  1. Hi Stephanie. I am enjoying your blog. I am from Michigan and needlepoint is my passion. I am a former Home Ec. teacher and have worked in needlepoint shops since I was 17. I am getting ready to stitch the Christmas pear banner this year and also awaiting, from Amy, the 30" tall nutcracker that she has written a stitch guide for. Somewhere I am also going to fit into my stitching, this year, 20 ornaments, I hope. Keep blogging, because there are those of us that are addicited that will keep reading and stitching along with you.

  2. Diane-So nice to meet you. The best thing about blogging has been the fun people I have met in cyperspace. I do have a great group that I stitch with but it is great to know we aren't the only ones nutty about needlepoint. Do you blog or post pics on stitcherie? I would love to see your stuff. Isn't Amy the best? I am going there in March to do Helowise from Melissa Shirley. Can't wait. Happy New Year to you.

  3. here is my blog, ://bakersbestofhealth.blogspot.com/2011/12/give-gift-of-stitch.html, though my boss, my husband, did have me do a few blog entries on relieving stress through your hobby and of course I wrote about needlepoint. I managed to stretch another week out of it buy offering an idea about gifts you can buy for the needlepoint junkie in your life. He has been after me for a year now to start a blog, but haven't. I may when I start stitching this 30" tall nutcracker.

  4. The LSU neighbors love their ornament and Stephanie!
    Great blog. Pictures look great!

  5. Is that my favorite LSU fan commenting? Thank you very much!