Monday, December 31, 2012

More on the Thanksgiving House

Shutters and walls


Shingles at the top
Not the best pictures.  There was not a lot of sunlight here today.  The stitch guide calls for the trame stitch down the middle of the shingles.  I am not sure I like the effect.  I tried the long cross-stitch, but I am not enamored with that either. Hmmm....


  1. Yesterday was a perfect day to be stitching. ;-)
    I was packing away all the Christmas decorations. The stitching is for today.
    Isn't the rain wonderful? Happy New Year.......Sarah

  2. the shutters are fab!

  3. Hi Steph,
    I did the trame and I really like the way it looks. Get some in and I am sure you will like it. The shutters look great. Have to get back to the house but needed some small projects to feel like I accomplished something. My husband signed me up for a club that I expressed interest in. What a shock he never does anything like that. It is the Heritage Ornaments by Kelly Clark that a Stitch In Time is doing. The first one arrives around January 15.
    Happy New Year