Monday, March 18, 2013

Bad Cold=Little Stitching

 I stitched on the belt while I sat in the car during a tennis match.
Coming Home by Ewe and Eye
 I did a skipped tent here and filled in the spaces with french knots for the orange tree top.
In perspective

Skipped tent on little bitty trees
I hope I feel better tomorrow.


  1. So sorry you are sick. Feel better soon. Nice stitching, BTW.

  2. Bet you picked up some Boston bug . . . and being back in Austin's allergyscape may not help :(

  3. I hate a bad cold and am so sorry you have one! Do take care of it so it doesn't get out of hand. Your stitching looks great, I love your tree stitches!

  4. Thanks for all the get well wishes. I hate being sick. I feel like the days of my life are precious enough without wasting them on a cold!