Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Road trip to Chaparral

Three Swans went to Houston on Sunday afternoon.  We spent the night, got up  early, dressed in our best and went to Chapparal.  Carolyn was fabulous.  We stayed for her morning studio time and her afternoon one as well.

 There is a nice large table next to a huge window bringing in lots of natural light.   The table is full of fun ladies and gentlemen.

My spot
 I was at the corner and you can see that I took it over.  I bought Needlepointing in My Nest and Merry Eggs by Carolyn Baird.  Both books are fun and full of great information.  See the cute lady in the middle across from me?  She is the Queen of Painted Pony.  The two below she had just got back from the finisher.

Texas ornament

Mittens ornament

Santa's sleigh
She had just finished this one and was working on three more.  AND she bought one while we were there.  Lovely stitching and a nice person.
Behind me was this little wicker table covered in pillows.  I really enjoyed looking at them.

There were stitched examples everywhere.

More on our visit tomorrow.  So fun it has to be a two-parter!


  1. You lucky girl you. Are you going to see Linda and Karen this week in Austin? Also, can you ask who the artist is of the le lapin bunny pillow.

    1. No, I am not! Chi O family weekend is this weekend. Rats! I stitched that same bunny years ago. I would call the store and ask. Chaparral on West Alabama in Houston, TX.

  2. Fun, fun, and more fun! The SWANS know how to find the action. '-)