Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Summer Homes by the Pond from Ewe and Eye

I started the stitch on the middle hill.  It is a cool stitch from Ruth Schmuff's third stitch book.   I have it as an app on my phone.  I liked it, but thought it was too small to be in front of the stitch on the green hill.

Ruth stitch in the middle
 Me being me, I tore it all out and started over.  I put the new stitch on the green hill and will put the original green hill stitch on the middle hill.   Make sense?

How it looks now

Up close view of the stitch


  1. You have the patience of Jobe! I need to consult with you when I start my vintage piece that is a countryside scene. ;-) You know all the cool stitches! Happy 4th of July to you and the family. Are you going to the mountains this summer? ~ Sarah

    1. Please call on me. I would love to help. Wish we were going to the mountains, but just hoping to make it to Port A for a brief visit. Call me anytime!