Saturday, January 25, 2014

Melissa Shirley Birdhouse Cracker

I stitched the little pink dots of the white background in a cross stitch using Hi-Lights.  I tried reverse Scotch using Neon Rays down the right side of the border.  I tried alternating scotch across the bottom using Hi-Lights and floss.  Not sure I like either one.  Hmmm….


  1. Hi, Would you mind sharing the stitch in green that's on both sides of the birdhouse. Love the colors. Stitching is impeccable. Thanks!

    1. Sure. It's from Jane Zimmerman's Canvas Embroidery, Vol. 2, on page 110 in the middle. It's called the Large Triple Crossed Stitch. Looks wonderful. I did the crossed stitch in Hi-Lights and the running stitch in Neon Rays.

    2. Thanks so much and I have the book! Yay!