Thursday, February 13, 2014

Hello, I'm alive!

Posting may be sporadic in the near future.  New front doors, a paint job, wallpaper and too many updates to mention are going on here.  Here's the carrot which has received sporadic attention:

 I filled in the tent stitches of the pink row with a green overdyed Kreinik from Threadworx.  I love that thread.  I did large cross stitches on the yellow row and again did the tent stitches with the green from Threadworx.  Tent stitches the outer edges and rows of orange and lavender.  All that is left is the orange row.  Maybe tomorrow.
Bedtime on Thursday night


  1. Cute! Love the pink & green stripe and the fuzzy carrot tops.

  2. LIfe is busy here too. Out of town all last week and hit the ground running on Monday.
    Happy Valentine's Day!