Saturday, February 14, 2015


Kelly Clark pear from The French Knot
 I would love to figure out how to embellish this pear!

MCM ornament
 I love MCM and wish she would paint again!

February Angel from Shelly Tribbey

Chi O Heart from Painted Pony

XOXO from Melissa Shirley

LOVE Heart from Melissa Shirley

Green Heart from Associated Talents

Heartstrings Heart
I would love to stitch this!
Penny the Puppy
 I love Penny!

Sweet Shop by Painted Pony
 I love sweets!

Doodads from Amy's
 I love buying doodads with my traveling buddy, Elizabeth.

Gorgeous purse
 I just love this!
Ribbons from The Ribbonry at Chaparral in Houston, Texas
I love buying ribbons from Carolyn Baird.

Melissa Shirley's  Armadillo
 I love stitch guides by Carolyn Baird and canvases by Melissa Shirley.

From Kirk and Bradley
 I would love someone to tell my husband I want this!

Amy Bunger's new series
 I love Amy Bunger and her stitching mind.
My favorite tennis player

I love watching my son play tennis! 

The Needle Works in Austin, Texas
 I love love love my local needlepoint store.

And I love my Swan group and all my needlepoint friends near and far.  Happy Valentine's Day!

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