Monday, June 8, 2015

Still trying to get that stitching mojo back

Painted Pony Halloween Angel
 I stitched the under brim of her hat.  I would like to try some form of the crescent stitch for the tip of the hat.  I would also like to find a little buckle for the hat.  I'm going shopping.

The Village at Hawk Run Hollow
I filled in the fireplace, the smoke from the chimney and started the horseshoes.  Waiting to get my decorative stitching form back!


  1. Looks to me like you have your mojo back. These are darling.

  2. Most of my stitching has been on a Baptism Gown for Baby Charles and other heirloom clothing for him, which I truly love. I miss my needlepoint and am trying to get back in the groove as well. I am thrilled to see your post, it looks like your mojo is alive and kicking!

  3. love your work and have i have just started needlepointing. i noticed that on your work that i have seen way back on your blog, it looks you don't do the compinsation stitch at the same time you do the rest of the stitch. is there a reason for that? maybe thats where i get myself into trouble