Friday, October 23, 2015

Still stitching on my secret Santa ornament

I am desperately trying to finish that since the deadline has come and gone.  I hope my finisher will take pity on me!

Halloween is nearly here.  I wish I had some of these Squiggee houses for Halloween.  I have other holidays but none of the cute ones shown below.  Stitched by my fellow Swans.

The Assistant


  1. You only have one assistant sleeping on the job???
    We have two either on a bed,on the floor or on one of the sofas.
    They haven't developed any housekeeping skills at all. Big on sleeping and eating.
    Sammy Rusk

  2. These bring back memories. I stitched several of the Christmas ones in the 70s when they first came out. Such a clever, creative idea.
    This rainy weekend should make for great stitching time. '-)