Sunday, November 29, 2015

Tree is up!


Nutcracker ornament given to me by AB

Sock Monkey
Rogue ornament stitched by me
Background stitch idea by Carolyn Baird.  Brilliant idea to stitch the green subway tiles like hospitals have.  I am in a mood to decorate.  That includes ornaments.

BIG ribbon
Pear from Heartstrings
I bought this at Amy's Golden Strand and stitched it using the guide it came with.  Time to tart it up...

A little check
I bought this ribbon at Carolyn Baird's ribbon store located in Chapparal in Houston, Texas.  So cute.

Carrot from Heartstrings
Not that cute  :(


  1. You are a few steps ahead of me but I will catch up! I miss seeing you.

  2. The bigger the bow, the closer to god. ;-)