Saturday, January 2, 2016

Bits of stitching here and there

We went to visit the one and only Carolyn Baird a couple of weeks ago. She has studio time at Chaparral in Houston, TX.  We had the best time and got the greatest ideas.  I took this little bunny and stitched the design around the bunny in between my turns.  So cute.  More on that visit later.

Danae Easter Egg
I was about to pack this girl up but decided to leave her out for Valentine's Day.  I think she's adorable.   Stitches by me.
Painted Pony Valentine Angel
 I have gone as far as I can with this one until Colleen opens up again.  I need navy beads and something for the letters.  I tried basketweaving them and I don't like it.  More on January 5.
Painted Pony Yale Heart
 I picked up this girl when I had to put the Bulldog heart down.  I stitched the cross stitches on the the skirt and the dark red lines.  Then it was bedtime.  I hope to finish her tonight while I sit up and worry about the kids out and about on New Year's Eve.  Happy New Year to you all!
Painted Pony mini-angel

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