Friday, June 16, 2017

White Farm So Far

At the request of a viewer,  I have put all the progress on the White Farm in one post.  I am really enjoying this piece.  More to come soon!

Barn foundation in Smyrna crosses and Tent stitches

House wall in Alternating Smyrna crosses using three strands of overdyed floss

Staggered Leviathan for the stonewall in the foreground

Front yard stitch

Dirt in horizontal elongated continental using two strands of overdyed floss

Tent stitching edges with two strands of cotton floss

Fly stitches for the evergreen trees

Overview of stitched bushes

Starting the sky stitch

Sky stitch finished

Front yard stitch

Front yard stitch completed

Sky finished

Foreground stitch

Yellow leaves in Lazy Daisy stitch with two strands of floss

Packed outline stitch for the tree using one strand Soy Luster

Plaited Gobelin stitch for grass in middle yard

Tree in Packed Outline with leaves in Lazy Daisy using two strands of Juniper by WDW

Overview of left side of canvas
Pond stitched in Horizontal Victorian Step using two strands of overdyed silk


  1. Nice Stitching. Good choices on stitches.


  2. Absolutely spectacular, as all your stitching is.
    Thank you for putting all the photos together in one
    posting. It makes your work easier to appreciate!