Saturday, January 21, 2012

Tennis anyone?

Tennis round by Painted Pony
It was 39F this morning at 8am when I was watching my son play tennis.  The above round by Painted Pony was stitched for him, of course.  More my kind of tennis.  I chose the threads and stitches.  Off to get some stitching and laundry done before the next match.


  1. Hi Steph,
    Great stitching on the Tennis Round.
    Yes, I saw the roof on Amy's Facebook page. I cannot wait for April. This is going to be a really fun piece to stitch. The pears are coming along slowly. Hoped to do a lot of stitching today but have not gotten to it yet. Am going to start a new canvas for Jake. Hope to put a picture up y tomorrow.

  2. I had resisted Facebook until I saw there were postings on Amy's Golden Strand. April won't come soon enough. I stitched for a few minutes. Going to another match soon. I hope to see progress on the pears and the new canvas for Jake tomorrow. Stephanie

  3. You are a devoted mom! But I've always known that. In the hill country this weekend on the Frio River with girlfriends, shopping the antique venues in the little Texas towns of the area. - sarah

  4. Have a good time with your friends, Sarah. See you next week?