Thursday, July 5, 2012

Christmas in July

I have seen many Christmas in July sales while trolling the internet. I thought to have my own Christmas in July post.  This is a set of Victorian Christmas carolers from Heartstrings that I purchased at The Needle Works in Austin, TX.  One of my fellow Swans and I did them all in 2011.  The finisher, who is also a Swan, brought them to the Christmas party.  Talk about coming in under the wire.  They stitched up quick and were so fun. 

Lamppost and doggie

Lizzie Dorit

Emily Bristol

Bristol Twins

Reverend Chester Smalley

Oliver Crisp 

Mrs. Wickworth

Mr. Wickworth


  1. I love your set of carolers and how I wish I had a set for myself. My problem is, I have to stop doing needlepoint for everyone else and start stitching things for myself. They are beautiful Stephanie. Great Job.

  2. Hi Steph,
    Absolutely beautiful!! You did a fabulous job stitching them. Do you know if they are still available?

    1. Thanks, ladies. Yes, I think they are still available. They were so fun and we did about one a month. It wasn't a series set up by the store, but we kept each other on track and shared threads,etc. There are some more characters and a tree, but we stopped here. Thanks for looking.

  3. Steph, these are adorable. Note to self to visit you during the holidays! ;-)