Monday, July 9, 2012

Thanksgiving House from Melissa Shirley

Diet Coke with water back
Saturday night I ran out of thread for the belt.  After dinner I settled in with my beverages, good company, and the Thanksgiving House by Melissa Shirley.  I am stitching it with an Amy Bunger stitch guide.

Fatty the cat

Top edge of the walls

I stitched the top of one of the walls.  The base stitch is black Presencia.  I love this thread.  The top stitch which you can barely see is an overdyed thread with a hint of green.  I wish I could get a good photo.  It looks great.

Edge of roof

Edge of roof
I did the edge of the roof.  You can see the green in the overdyed over the black a little better in this photo.  Same threads as the top of the walls with a little different stitch. 

Peak of the roof

 Sunday I started the peak of the roof.  This is the roof turned on it's side.  You stitch all the vertical elements first and then go back and put in the horizontal ones.  Slow going, but I like it!
Fatty helping with the post


  1. Fatty looks like a big help. Now if only you could get him (her?) to stitch some basketweave for you.