Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Back to the roof

The candy cane spree is over for the moment.  I spent about 20 hours this past weekend on my beautiful roof for Melissa Shirley's Thanksgiving House.  You may recall that I had to tear out one side and redo it.  I am almost done.  I ran out of the light gray thread and will have to make a run to The Needle Works tomorrow.   

Shingles and border

Ewe and Eye canvas that I don't have


  1. Hi Steph,

    The roof is coming our great. I love this Ewe and Eye canvas. I see it calling your name.

  2. No! It can not be calling your name.....I remember your pledge, which I think you broke by buying a Heartstrings piece to the Nativity. Which should have gone to me.

    I roof does look beautiful, keep up the good work. All of my letters are done for the pear banner, but I keep dragging my feet on working on the background.

  3. Looks great! At the rate you are stitching, this new canvas just might be in your Christmas stocking. What do you think? ;-)

    1. Oh, yes. Perhaps this post might even have been a hint....

    2. Is this a new one? What is the name of it? Lovely, lovely and it would go well with the ones you already have.

  4. It is all looking good. I think that you must want that Ewe and Eye. I do remember that in your pledge you said you could buy the other pieces of your nativity. I am very impressed by how many things you are finishing by working only on your current projects. I don't have that discipline.