Thursday, September 20, 2012

Red Magi from Heartstrings

I met the Swans at The Needle Works today and worked on the Red Magi of my Heartstrings nativity.

Interesting stitch on the underskirt.  You reverse it for the gold.  
Larger view

P.S.  My fellow Swan bought this whole set today!


  1. You are a bad influence, Steph. I have been tempted to buy this set, too!

  2. i'm with jane. by the time you complete this set we will have all purchased it!

  3. Hi Steph,
    You are tempting all of us. The Red Magi is beautiful.

  4. Steph, this is gorgeous! Love the teal colors with the red robe. Beautiful, beautiful!
    I met Elizabeth at CM parking lot yesterday........small town we live in. ;-) ~ Sarah

  5. I love the stitch on the undercoat--the one for the gray and gold. What is the stitch called?

  6. Ok I seriously have no business on buying this set but would love the info on where you are getting them from and if they come with a stitch guide too. Thanks

    1. I am buying them from The Needle Works here in Austin, TX. If you call the store, ask for Colleen and tell her you want the Heartstrings Nativity that Stephanie is stitching. She will know which one. And, yes, they do come with stitch guides. So fun and quick to stitch. Go for it, girl!