Monday, November 5, 2012

Mary and Betsy

Saturday afternoon I went stitching at The Needle Works with my girl G.  We met another Stephanie.  She is back to stitching after a hiatus and jumping right in.  I took Mary from my Heartstrings Nativity.

Got her face done

Tidied her up

Started the stripe stitch, but don't like the color
After dinner, I got back to Betsy.
I used the size 8 Perle Cotton that the guide called for, but can't see the elements of the stitch.  I bought some size 16 Presencia Perle Cotton from Colleen.  It may be too small, but will give it a whirl on Sunday.

 I spent the evening stitching the wallpaper.  I love it.  The red flowers will go in on top at a later date.



  1. You and the girls are really coming along! Mary looks beautiful and very serene. I love Betsy! Her dress is great, the flag is great and that border-stunnungL Stitch on, my friend!

    1. Thanks! Working today, but can't wait until after dinner!

  2. Oh my god, your wallpaper is AMAZING! I tried it, didn't like it, ripped it out, tried something else, don't like it, and am going to rip it out and go back to this. Is that two strands of splendor?

    I finished my border background last night and am auditioning beads, because I think I want the border to have beaded stars. If that doesn't work, then I'm getting out the Flair to make Stephanie's Stars!

    1. Beaded stars will be fantastic. If not, then the star is waiting. I do have to say they used 2.5 cards of white Flair. Julie didn't like her wallpaper first time around. I am using two strands of the called for silk. I am working the stripes from left to right with the long stitch and then back up with the small over one stitch. Send me pics of yours, please!

  3. Sunday afternoon this new? Open to anyone? Your girls look fantastic.......Sarah

  4. Saturday at The Needle Works is open to any and all. Might be a one off for me for awhile. Tennis is heating up around here. Do you use Instagram? I am on there now under my name.