Saturday, November 3, 2012

The push continues

Finished first red stripe
I decided not to continue with the flag.  I didn't want to be running my hands over the white stripes so I moved to the face.
First shade

Fuzzy picture with other color in on the left


  1. I always stitch the faces first on my canvases. I like to think that it gives them their personality.......go figure!

  2. Looking good! Steph, what is the count and size of these pieces? I think I may add one of these to my Christmas list. Did I say that? A new canvas? Well, just asking! ~ Sarah

  3. This 18ct. I think Santa would grant your request. You have been a good girl, haven't you?

  4. Hi Steph,
    Oh, what a pretty face she has. Hope mine comes soon.

  5. Her face looks beautiful . Are you using a laying tool for her face?

  6. Thanks. I always use a laying tool with stranded threads. Works well for me. No stitching on her today. I went to The Needle Works and stitched on my Heartstrings Nativity.