Monday, October 14, 2013

Fried or soaked

There was not a lot of stitching here this weekend.  I spent Saturday getting a fresh sunburn watching my favorite tennis player.  We spent all day Sunday waiting around for a break in the rain.  Here's what I managed in between events.  My new sampler from Ewe and Eye that I bought at their sampler trunk show.   It's still going on if you are interested.



  1. I had decided I really didn't need another canvas right now -- and here you are, Stephanie the Master Enabler, making me rethink that disciplined decision ;)

  2. Waiting for the cold front! '-)
    Love the sampler. It was fun to see the trunk show shots!

  3. I love the samplers and had seriously considered one. Too many things to finish at this time. I will enjoy watching you work on yours