Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Guide for my Texas Painted Pony Angel

My stitch choices were inspired by Carolyn Baird at Chaparral in Houston, Texas. 


 I stitched the sleeves and the body of the dress outside the diamond are in the T-stitch using one strand of Impressions.

 I basketwove(?) her face using floss to match the colors with a cross stitch for the lips.
 I stitched the Lone Star using the Howland star diagram courtesy of The Needle Works in Austin, TX. I used white Flair.
I used white Neon Rays to satin stitch the collar.

 I used four strands of floss or silk to satin stitch her hair
 I stitched little French Knots using matching thread.  I did little Cross Stitches for the greenery.

Boot on the right
I satin stitched the boot in opposing angles with Neon Rays at the front and Metallic Ribbon Floss on the back.  Tent stitch down the middle.   Tent the sole and heel in black floss or silk.

Wings outline
 I outlined the wings in metallic gold ribbon following opposite directions on each side.
 Small Rhodes Heart in Neon Rays.

Body of dress
 I think this is a made up stitch by me.  It's a form of reverse scotch with long crosses between the black dots.  I used one strand of Impressions.

Black dots

I attached black beads over the black dots.

 The wings on the right are done in the Woven stitch using three to four strands of silk or floss to match the colors.  The background of the left wing is done in Serendipity with blue silk.  Probably four strands.
 The hat is stitched using Petite Very Velvet in the Parisian stitch for the top and long stitches to cover the brim.  The band is stitched in upright satin stitches following the paint.  I went over it twice to create volume.  I stitched the medallion of her necktie with metallic ribbon floss in a double cross stitch.  The strands are tent stitched with black floss or silk.  It's not shown here but the silver beads at the bottom were stitched in a small French Knot with silver metallic ribbon floss.

Texas State shape and silver star
 I used the basketweave stitch on the state shape using four strands of silk to match.  I did the star in a free form stitch using metallic ribbon floss.  Also I did basketweave on the scalloped hem using a size 8 Kreinik to match the metallic ribbon floss.

Halo around the hat
 In order to make it easier for the finisher, I created a halo around her hat.  I used a vanishing pen to draw it and stitched the area in T-stitch using a size 8 Kreinik.   At this point I changed her collar to alternating continental.

Yellow Rose, the Alamo and the Armadillo
The yellow rose was stitched in a Woven Spider using DMC Perle cotton for the spokes and Yellow silk ribbon for the flower.  I used green floss to tent stitch the stem and Lazy Daisies for the petals.  The Alamo and the Armadillo were tent stitched with floss to match the paint.  Also you can see here how the vanishing pen marks vanished!


  1. Thanks a really big bunch Steph, for the Texas Angel SG. And now you have a new career. I'll have to get mine out and get busy. You are an angel yourself, Annie

  2. Beautifully made, you are a talented with a needle! I bet you could do the stitching on my jacket, as you mentioned. Great colors.

    blue hue wonderland

  3. You have singlehandedly made me take up needlepoint again after many years away from it. You are SO talented and SO prolific!!!