Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Too long without a post

I had a marvelous time in Memphis.  I always do.   Elizabeth and I met at the airport in Atlanta and went from there.  Rent car was no problem and since the hotel was empty, we both got upgraded rooms.  My people here should be glad I came back.

View from my bed

View from my kitchen

Melissa Shirley's Pink and Green Acorn

We did some bedazzling at Amy's suggestion.  These little crystals were ironed on to cover the little pink squares on the round.  Ready for the finishers.

The equipment

If you don't have a little iron like Amy, she recommends gluing them on with this glue which has a precision tip.  I brought some home with me.

Valentine's Heart from Heartstrings

Swedish Christmas from Shelly Tribbey
And, of course, a little stash enhancement.  More tomorrow.


  1. I had a wonderful time - let's do it again soon!!!

  2. I am glad the hotel staff recognized they had a queen in their midst and upgraded you appropriately! Can't wait to hear more.