Friday, August 1, 2014

Another lucky me post

There was no stitching here today.  It was a long hot day here in Texas so here is another lucky me post.  Lucky since I have hundreds of needlepoint pictures to look through whenever I want.  Here's just one page for you.

Toe of my Rebecca Wood North Pole Village stocking

Kelly Clark Patchwork Pear

Kelly Clark green pear

Purses by Maggie(stitch guide by Amy Bunger)

New York round from Painted Pony

Beautiful daughter

Fields from my Melissa Shirley Cream Farmhouse piece

Patriotic Heart from Painted Pony(stitch guide from The French Knot)

Purple Petei Skier(stitch guide by The French Knot)

Melissa Shirley

Buggy from Heartstrings Christmas Carolers set

Melissa Shirley

Painted Pony Angel(stitch guide from The French Knot)

Painted Pony angel with stitch guide from The French Knot

Rebecca Wood Nativity ornament

Petei angel with stitch guide from The French Knot

Petei Holy Family with stable

Baby Jesus with stitch guide from The French Knot

Shelly Tribbey with stitches by me

Shelly Tribbey Twelve Days of Christmas with stitches by me

Queen of Hearts by Petei

Kathy Schenkel


My favorite cross stitch piece


  1. Thanks for sharing such beautiful work. Inspirational!!

  2. What a nice review! I've completed the Petei creche and absolutely LOVE the Heartstrings Santas ... thanx for today's inspiration!