Thursday, August 14, 2014

Hope you think it was worth the wait

I haven't stitched in the last couple of days.  I was preparing for a Swan birthday party at my house.   Here's what I saw...
3-D tomato
 KH started this earlier this summer.  She not only stitched it but finished it as well.

View from the top with better light
 In addition to the cuteness above, she has stitched and finished all the Peteis below since February.  Did I mention she's a librarian with a family?

Painted Pony WOOF mini angel

She finished this for me.  So cute!

Kelly  Clark pear from The French Knot
In a vain effort to be as productive as KH, I put forth maximum effort and finished this.  Off the frame and ready to go to my finisher.


  1. The SWANS are a very productive group. Happy Birthday to the birthday girl!
    Love the latest pear!