Sunday, November 2, 2014

The Ribbonry at Chaparral

Carolyn Baird has a shop within a shop at Chaparral in Houston, Texas.  She has the most fabulous ribbons, trims and doodads you have ever seen.  She very kindly lets you touch them and try them with your stuff.    My pocketbook is much lighter but our stuff is so much cuter!  If you haven't been you must go!

Diamond or floral??


Just floral?

Floral on wide black velvet=perfection for D's canvas

Super cute edged check for my green pear

Multi ribbons to form a bow and sew on the bottom of the heart

More choices for the combo bow
I bought them all!

Perfect check for this girl

Top to bottom:  gold beaded trim that can be used in place of twisted cord

                          watermelon colored ribbon that I know I will need someday

                           Aggie colored ribbon for the Swans who "Gig 'em" 24/7

                           and the others for D!

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  1. Fabulous! I love your choices, especially the black and white check. Well, actually the red and black check and the gold and red diamonds really float my boat too! Love the idea of adding ribbon trim.