Friday, July 1, 2016

Sorry to have been away so long...

but I was BUSY!
High School Graduation-Guess which one is mine

Moved two days later

Getting to know the new neighbors
Now for what you have been waiting for!  ML and RK stitched these adorable Melissa Shirley Fourth of July children using stitch guides by Carolyn Baird of Chaparal in Houston, TX.  I could not love them more.  The finishing was done by Kim Hollifield.

RK added these little firecrackers


  1. Heavens you have been busy!!!! Love the neighbors :)

    1. She has twins that are out frolicking in the morning. Driving my dog crazy!

  2. Know exactly which one is yours! Still can't believe that little guy sitting at my kitchen counter is headed off to USC.

    Oh, the patriotic needlepoints are making my heart flutter. I may have to order these. '-)
    Love the way they are finished. Great job, Kim!

    1. You like the mountain man look? How time flies! Wish we were back at your kitchen counter! Lunch soon?