Friday, July 29, 2016

Village Scene by Ewe and Eye-Bits and Bobs

I'm down to the doodads.  All the little bits on this gorgeous canvas.

I finished the roof on the teal house.  I stitched the roof on the tall parts in encroaching gobelin over two with two strands of floss.  I went back to it vertically for the barn.

 I tried some straight stitches for the leaves.  I am thinking that ribbon might look better.

I stitched the hedge to the left of the gold house in alternating smyrna crosses with two strands of silk. I really like it.

I filled in the grass around the front pathway of the yellow house.  Making progress!


  1. I like the leaves with the straight stitches. I wouldn't put ribbon there, especially if it's going to be the only place you put ribbon on the canvas. It's really looking great. thanks for sharing