Friday, August 12, 2016

Monday Fun with Carolyn

 L, D and I drove over to Houston on Monday to have studio time with Carolyn Baird.  She is so talented and one of my favorite people.  Plus Chaparral is a great store with fun stuff.
I took this cute angel from Painted Pony that I bought at The Needle Works in Austin.

Thailand Angel
 My son went to Thailand last year on a service trip.  I am a little late getting this stitched to commemorate that but hope it will be worth the wait.  Carolyn's idea for the sky is perfect.   I am using three strands of floss and using a stitch from her latest book.   She gave me stitch suggestions for the whole piece.  I hope to have it done by September 1.

Close up
 I also indulged myself by buying this darling canvas from Kelly Clark.  Happy Labor Day to me!

Another reason we go to Chaparral is to visit Carolyn's ribbon store.  100's of gorgeous spools of ribbon.  She picked out this perfect one for the unusual colors in this Kelly Clark Christmas pear that I got from The French Knot in Fort Worth.  D got a bunch of ribbons for two of her projects.

I call Carolyn the Queen of Doodads.  She and Chaparral have the most extensive selection of charms, buttons, flowers, and on and on.  I bought these on our last visit.  

Cute ghost charm


  1. I love Carolyn! I also love the Theiland Angel. Our older son visited there this summer. I may have to stitch it for him next year!

    1. She is so much fun. Congrats on the next grandson coming next year! Happy times for the Blooms.