Monday, August 15, 2016

Painted Pony Thailand Angel

There has been progress.  I finished the dress.  I outlined the collar using Kreinik size 8 in 002 and cross stitching the edge.  I stitched a double cross for the cross at the bottom tip of the collar edge.  It was my stitch idea to use the diagonal cashmere on the horizontal for the water.  Edged the pontoon boat and stitched the roof of the low wide white building using a stitch from Carolyn's Merry Easter Eggs book.  I outlined the sleeves.  I backstitched where necessary to keep straight lines around the sleeves and edges of the dress.  


Close up


  1. She is so cute. Why Thailand? Are you planning a trip? ;-)

    1. Mark went last year for his service trip. 40 hrs each way but got to ride an elephant!

  2. You are doing such a good job! I love it!