Friday, February 10, 2017

Kitty Witch Angel from Painted Pony

I want the entire collection of Halloween Angels from Painted Pony!  Right now I have to be content to have the Kitty Witch Angel and the Turquoise Halloween Angel.  I will feature Miss Turquoise in my next post.

 I satin stitched her hat using Black Flair.  I went upright on the brim and diagonally on the body of the hat.  A little light tent stitching for under the brim.  I used four strands of cotton floss for the hair.  I used four strands of pink silk for the pink in her cheeks.

 I satin stitched the wings following the paint.  The diagonal direction is to the right on the right wind and vice versa on the left wing.  I used my new favorite wing stitch.  You may remember it from my Owl Angel.  I will cover the green dots with beads.


  1. Steph, she is adorable! I think you need the complete set. '-)

  2. Perfect. Looking forward to tomorrow