Saturday, July 29, 2017

I Finally Have the Time!

I finally have the time to report on my Tony Minieri class at The Needle Works.  It was wonderful.  I got to meet one of my stitching idols, Patricia Sone.  Sweet and cute as she can be.  I reconnected with a friend I  had made in an Amy class years ago.  Hello again to Debbie!  I made new friends and of course had fun with all the Austin regulars.  

My canvas is called Martha and George from Patty Paints.  The stitch guide that Tony wrote is great fun.  

 The stitch for the sand is Cobblestone using four strands of cotton.  The stitch for the olive green hill is called the Donohue stitch.  This is four strands of silk.  I love them both.

Lower left corner
 Martha's dress is the Brighton stitch using four strands of silk for the scotch stitches and size 8 Kreinik for the accent stitch.  Very elegant!

Martha's skirt
 New to me is the Diane's Coat stitch for the gold hill.  I am stitching over the brown marks and will come back to stitch them on top.

Gold hill
 Also new to me is the Flowing Water stitch for the ocean.  Tony recommended a size 8 Kreinik but it was too shiny for me.  I switched to two strands of Weeks Dye Works called Deep Sea.  Perfect color and perfect name.

Flowing Water stitch
The class included lunch everyday which were all delicious.  I really want to go back!  Stitching and posting will be sporadic for the next few weeks.  I am moving to an apartment for a remodel and the Texas Legislature is trying to kill us.   I hope it all settles down by late August.   Thanks for following.


  1. What a delight! I will look forward to seeing this develop. Enjoy it!

  2. Beautiful! My favorite is Martha's dress. Just darling!