Monday, October 1, 2012

Did I really start something else? Yes!

Saturday I finished my Secret Swan ornament.  I can't show it here since I know that all the Swans follow my blog daily.   You will have to wait until after the Swan Christmas party.   Sunday I started stitching on the Red Magi.

Alternating Continental here
I started the headdress, but could not find the metallic thread that is used for the other half of this stitch.  Darn it!  Moving on...
Flair goes here
I did not like the Flair that was selected to go with the Splendor here.  I could not find any black Impressions around here to do the beard.  I am done with this guy for now.

Messy needlepoint station
After rummaging around for all those unavailable threads, someone needed to clean up this mess.  Guess who?  Not all work because I found this in a drawer...

Watermelon ornament by Jody
Stitch and thread selection by me
I think I may write a stitch guide for this.  It's pretty cute.


  1. It's Real Cute! I think you should write a stitch guide, you have great ideas/ have learned from the best! I hate stitch days that don't seem to go well but look at what you can finish now!

  2. By the way, 15 Finished to 12 Unfinished! You go girl! All I can do is buy canvasses from Amy! Guess which one I just ordered from her absolutely delicious newsletter just now!

    1. I don't know. Let me go read the letter and get back to you!

    2. OK. That was all too easy. Roll, Tide, Roll!

  3. what a delightful surprise! the magi is really beautiful...

  4. Hi Steph,
    The Red Magi is stunning. Each piece just gets better and better.
    Love the watermelon canvas. Love your choice of stitches. Looking corward to your stitch guide.

  5. Been away from my computer so catching up this chilly the watermelon with the blue checks.