Tuesday, October 9, 2012

More of Stephanie's Amy stuff

On my second trip to Memphis, I got up and walked around to look at what others were stitching.  A very fine lady from Memphis was putting the finishing touches on this canvas.  It was from her last Cooking Up a Canvas class.  I bought it on the spot.  I have to say that it is my all time favorite to stitch.  

I could not put it down and finished it in record time.   I think many of you have followed me down this path and you won't regret it.  So fun.

It was also during this trip that I saw Sunday Meeting by Ewe and Eye for the first time.  My friend, Julie, bought it that weekend for the next Cooking Up a Canvas class that she planned to attend.  I made a note of when that would be.  You know what happened....

I bought it!

Barn stitch

Where I am now

I believe it was also on this trip that Amy showed us a sneak peek at Kelly Clark's Creche.  She was working on the grass and I fell in love with it.  I starting saving for it right then and there.    More on that tomorrow. 


  1. I love them and know they were so much fun! What are you working on during this ANU?

    1. Going to work on an Ewe and Eye canvas called Going Home. Very pretty shades of blue and green. I can't wait to see what Amy has done with it.

    2. I agree, I love Going Home, too!

  2. i love seeing this canvas come to life through stitching! it's a masterpiece!

  3. You stitch so beautifully. There is nothing else to say.

  4. I agree with Katherine! Fantastic!

  5. Thank you, my stitching sisters! It is so fun to share with each other. Keep stitching and keep blogging!

  6. Steph, I keep going through your beautiful work and the above canvases. Where could I find the above canvases? The one with the two red/pink buildings with the tree between them. Also the one with the red building and tree up behind it. Can you point me in the right direction or do you think they are discontinued? Should I contact Amy's Golden Strand? Who is the designer? Thanks for your help! Hope this message gets to you.