Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Stash Enhancement in Memphis

There was a little bit of stash enhancement while in Memphis.  Before you start yelling Foul on The Challenge, I will remind you of a couple of stipulations that I made at the start.  One,  that I got to spend my  20% off coupon that I won for playing the post TNNA market game that Amy had.  Two, that gifts don't count.  With that in mind, we shall proceed. 

Betsy Ross of Melissa Shirley's Wild Women series
I have a dream to some day have a stitching room decorated with Wild Women.  With a 20% off coupon and a generous gift from my friend, Diane, I started with Betsy to make my dream come true.  My dear friend, Julie, has started stitching Betsy and you will not believe how cute the stitches are.  Show and Tell ASAP.

Patchwork Pear from Heartstrings
 This is a gift for someone special who shall remain nameless at this point.  I had a great time starting on  it one night while watching Police Women of Memphis.  This was after dinner at Corky's with Jill, Elizabeth, and Jamie Celmer who drove in just to meet us.  She is an absolute delight and it was great to meet her.  What an evening!
There are other patchwork vegetables and fruits in this series that are so cute.  My next one will be the cabbage.  They are from Heartstrings and come with stitch guides.  Too easy and too fun.


  1. Precious pear! Your stash enhancement is definitely within your rules and is fabulous! I know your time in Memphis was amazing!

  2. love the stash enhancement! so jealous of your fun trip!

  3. Yes, I had a great time. Looking forward to going back some day soon!

  4. Oh, Betsy is too cute. A wall of Wild Women ~ what a fun idea! ~ Sarah

    1. The other ones include Queen Elizabeth, Calamity Jane, and the Queen of Hearts among others. Won't it be fun?

  5. I like what you bought. Have fun stitching it. Had a good Dr. Visit this morning. Everything is moving in the right direction