Saturday, November 9, 2013

25% off at Joann's = complete madness

I went to Joann's yesterday afternoon and every crafter in town was there.  25% off your entire order all weekend.  Here's what I got after hours and hours:

XOXO Heart from Melissa Shirley

Chi O heart from Painted Pony

LOVE Heart from Melissa Shirley

Queen of Hearts from Petei now Painted Pony
I got the backing fabric and the threads for making twisted cord.  Now I just have to wait until next year to get them finished.  Oh, and I bought the following in case I ever need them.  25% off makes you crazy!


  1. Fantastic fabric choices! I need to order one of the Queen of Hearts canvases. ;-)

  2. If you don't mind sharing, what is the stitch for the yellow part of the Chi Omega heart?

    1. I certainly don't mind sharing, but can't remember where I found it. Alternating mosaic?

  3. JoAnn's is a scary place, but you are motivating me to pay them a visit!