Monday, November 18, 2013

My donkey's behind

Remember I started the donkey at The Needle Works on Wednesday?  Did some more stitching on the donkey's behind.  I also stitched the star using Cindy Howland's star diagram.   I also tried a laid filling stitch for the background.  Love the stitch but not sure it's the one for this group.

My donkey's behind


Star close-up

Fatty did nothing here all weekend
 I am trying to come up with a background stitch for all these Heartstrings Nativity pieces.

Cute but not sure

Option 3 is the T-stitch using Petite Silk Lame

T-Stitch using larger Silk Lame-TOO THICK

Shows difference between small and large Silk Lame
I think the T-stitch in Petite Silk Lame is the winner.  Have a great Monday!

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