Wednesday, November 13, 2013


I think there may be an inverse relationship to projects completed and weight lost.  Remember in 2013 it was going to be 13 completed canvases and 13 lbs. lost?  I have 12 projects finished and 1.5lbs lost.
Oh dear.
Projects Completed
Love Heart from Melissa Shirley

Chi O Heart from Painted Pony

Watermelon ornament from Jody
It is finished
XOXO Heart from Melissa Shirley

Green Magi from Heartstrings

Joseph from Heartstrings
Red Magi from Heartstrings

Patchwork Carrot from Heartstrings

Mini angel from Painted Pony
Dr.  from Rogue Needlepoint
And for those who are counting, there is one missing.  It's for the Swan Christmas party exchange so must stay secret for now.


  1. Looks like a lot of beautiful stitching and you don't heed to lose a single ounce! I hope to see you update your sidebar with your challenge and 2013 project s - did you make any progress on any of them? Elizabeth

  2. Even losing a little weight is better than losing none, so don't beat yourself up--just be careful in the holiday season. Everything looks great but the Heartstrings Nativity looks better and better the more of it you finish.

  3. I can't believe how many you finished. They are all beautiful.

  4. Thank you, lovely ladies. The year is not over yet.

  5. and I think you should get partial credit for everything that your readers are inspired to finish!