Thursday, December 12, 2013

Boy, oh , boy

We had the annual Swan Christmas party yesterday.  I look forward to it all year.  We have lunch and exchange ornaments.  Before we got to that we had show and tell

Stitched by G 

Same Petei Santa-one stitched by D and one by G-Love them both

Kitty ornament stitched by M

Darling Melissa Shirley candy stitched by M-Cute finishing done by Kim Hollifield
 Now to the ornament exchange.

Stitched by S for R

Stitched by Kim for E

We put our initials and the year on the piece

Stitched by E for Kim

Darling little schoolhouse

Stitched by G for D

Stitched by R for S

Stitched by E for A-note the bead added to the hanging loop

Isn't the fabric on the back perfect?

Stitched by L for D

The cute candy house is mine.  Expect an in-depth post on that tomorrow

All the treasures on the sofa
 The blue kissing ball was stitched by D for L.  I stitched the green pear for E.

Penny the Puppy


  1. Penny!! Looks like she's grown in just a week. :-) I look forward to this post from you as I love to see all the gorgeous treasures and shh, but I get a few ideas from the beautiful stitching. The ornaments are all so lovely! On the TSU Santa, do you know how the fur was done? It's awesome!

    1. Thanks! That fur is uncut turkey work. Still debating whether to trim it or not.

  2. Beautiful ornaments, as usual! Merry Christmas!

  3. I love your blog and follow it daily, but I must say (and I'm probably speaking for all your readers) that I look forward to your annual Xmas party the most. What a wonderful group of friends and stitchers you have. All the ornaments are so beautiful and the memories y'all share so special. Please post as many details as you can. Merry Xmas to you and all the SWANS.

    1. It's a wonderful tradition. We drew names for next year. I have the piece in mind for the Swan I selected. I think I will order it right now. Merry Christmas to you!