Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Jesus is the reason for the season...

and nowhere is that more evident than at my house.  Here is the evidence:

Petei Nativity using stitch guide from Diana Bosworth at The French Knot
 This was the second set that I did.  My first stitch guides from Diana.  I fell in love.

Nativity from Mile High with guides from A Good Point
This was my first set using stitch guides.  Sadly, the canvases are no longer available and the store has closed.  I really treasure this one.

Rebecca Wood nativity using stitch guides from Diana Bosworth

Nativity ornament stitched for me by LO

Nativity ornament stitched for me by SFU
Painted Pony ornament stitched by me using stitch guide from Diana Bosworth
Nativity stocking stitched for me by EG

Rebecca Wood ornament stitched by me with guide from The Needle Works
And if needlepoint isn't enough...

Nativity set by De Brekht

Texas flavored nativity

Large wooden set
 My kids were allowed to play with this one when they were little.
Gift from my children

Primitive set that I bought in Williamsburg

Large traditional set
 I also have a smaller traditional set.  Don't ask me why!
Made for me many years ago by a sweet 4yo boy


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    1. Thank you! I hope the Alabama contingency is doing well. We are missing you over here.

  2. I love your collection! I stitch and give about 50 ornaments and decorations every year and The Nativity and manger scenes are my favorite subject to stitch. I would love to know the designers of these patterns so that I might be able to find them to stitch. Could you list the designers if you know them please? Thank you!