Wednesday, December 4, 2013

It's on like Donkey Kong

Can you tell I watch too much Duck Dynasty?  What's on is the annual sale at The Needle Works in Austin, Texas.  40% off painted canvas and discounts on threads and notions.  I had a great time buying, watching, and lunching.  Store employees were running to and fro pulling for online orders or helping in house customers carry their loads to the cash register.  Here's my haul.

Kelly Clark Halloween pear

Easter egg by Danae

Carrot by Associated Talents

Easter egg by Danae

Ewe and lamb of my Heartstrings Nativity set

Large camel for my Heartstrings nativity set

Painted Pony KD angel
Tried to get NC to buy the above but she already had it.  I should have known.  There is still lots of good stuff left.  Check it out at

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