Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Arabian Magi by Kelly Clark

How he arrived

 I am stitching this fellow using a guide created by Amy Bunger of Amy's Goldent Strand in Memphis, TN.
On to the mismatched stretcher bars

Saturday afternoon

Close-up of the undercape

Close-up of the cape
The stitch for the cape has three steps and three threads.  Very luxurious.


  1. I think a King would have had a luxurious cape! Amy gets it right!

  2. This is my favorite Wise Man from this series. He's looking good! It's fun to see the stitches go in as I understand what magic Amy added better that way.

  3. Thanks! I sure wish my pictures were better. Sometimes they are crystal clear and other times they look like this. He is handsome for sure.

  4. I have the Nativity Series from last year and have almosts finished Jesus and have put a couple of stitches in the Mary canvas. I can't wait to do all of the Wise Men....that whole series is so beautiful with Amy's guides. Thanks for the photos and motivating me to get back to them. I haven't touched anything else (borrow some cross stitch) but the Thx house for weeks.

  5. Love this and boy am I relieved you still get mail!!!
    Hugs, Donnelle

  6. Every king should have a luxurious cape! Yummy threads and beautiful stitches.