Thursday, August 30, 2012

Red Magi from Heartstrings and other stuff

Remember that items already ordered are OK to add.  Since I have already bought two pieces of this set, it makes sense to add the rest.  Here is the red wiseman.  He may be my favorite.


Dress detail

Gift detail

I started this candy candy from Carol Dupree today.  I bought some pretty blue ribbon floss at The Needle Works.    I met a cute lady, Noni, who follows the blog, while I was there.  Hi, Noni!


  1. This is a goodie! I am organizing my stash, which has slipped into serious disarray. Afte I counted my pieces I realize I need to go on some sort of 12 step program! I am back working on my stockings since I finished Hamilton's belt.

    1. Congratulations on the finish. Do you feel better after getting organized?

  2. that candy cane will be done in time for the weekend girl! i totally agree with you on the red wiseman...he's precious!

  3. I ordered more Candy Canes today....Yikes!