Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Does this look like sky to you?

Too zig-zaggy

Thread is the perfect color

Cool stitch but too big

Actually, both are too big

Too whimsical??

Left is two strands, right is one strand

All these stitches are from the little green book called Stitch Landscapes.   I like them all just not for this particular canvas.  God bless the stitch guide writers.  I am trying to do this one on my own and it is not easy!


  1. I agree with you Steph, all the stitches are nice but too much for this landscape in my opinion. I'd use one strand and a very light stitch as you have a lot going on on this canvas and the sky needs to be "mute". Maybe a T-stitch or skipped tent? Kelly Clark had a nice stitch for Rebbekah, it's a laid stitch and very subtle and maybe you can find something like it for your sky
    if you scroll down you'll find a detailed picture of the sky

  2. Skipped tent is not exciting but I think will be perfect for your sky. Your thread is the perfect color!

  3. Also, it is easy easy easy to compensate (really no compensation). I have always been pleased when I use it!

  4. while we're on the subject of ewe & eye, have you seen this? new designs are coming! http://littlehouseneedleworks.blogspot.com/2012/08/first-there-was-cross-stitch-then-there.html

  5. I think Palm & Anne Bloom are spot on. . good for you to do this on your own -- it's a growing experience, but a fun challenge & very satisfying when you're done.

    Stephanie Wong

  6. I think less is more. I think skipped tent would be a perfect choice for this. :)
    Nancy P

  7. You are the expert with lots of experience. You'll find the perfect stitch. Glad you are back sharing. ;-)