Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Is it a werewolf?

No, it's the Arabian Magi from Kelly Clark.  I am stitching him using Amy Bunger's stitch guide.   I started his face. 

Werewolf or Magi???
 I got his skin on, but no facial features.  I think he looks like a werewolf.  I put his turban on.  I have to put the band on tomorrow.  Going to bed now.  I am tired after being on TV today.  I made the local news for walking in front on my neighbor's house.  The house happens to belong to Lance Armstrong and the media was out front waiting to catch a glimpse of Oprah.  She was here in Austin to interview Lance.  Oprah never showed and they got the middle-aged neighborhood ladies out for stroll instead.  Bummer.


  1. I think you would be at least as interesting as Oprah, if not more so! In fact, I would much rather visit with you than Oprah.

    1. Bless you. The media didn't even notice us until my friend took a picture of them staring at Lance's house. Suddenly, we were newsworthy!

  2. I love the piece your stitching. Will you post all of the finished pieces when you're done. They are beautiful